Older kids! Join Michelle in the party room for STEAM classes this summer! If you didn’t know, Michelle (one of the owners) is a certificated elementary teacher. She’ll be teaching 4 STEAM classes this summer, topics and dates below! Pick the date(s) on the calendar that match the topic(s) you want! Sign up for any or all! Classes are from 10:30-11:30 (we may go over if we need more time to finish projects). 

Our STEAM classes are designed for kids ages 6 through 10. They must  be able to listen to a short lesson and participate in whole-group activities, as well as individual and/or partner activities and projects. You are not required to monitor your child during classes, but must remain at Play/Cafe. If you bring other kids who are not participating in the class, you will actively monitor them as always. If you have older and younger kids, it’s a great time to bring them together so everyone has something special to do!  Just have older kids? Grab food and coffee and relax on the couch during the class! 

Each class is limited to 15 kids, so book now to reserve your spot! We’ll need to prep all necessary materials, so walk-ins may not be able to join.


$16 + tax per class or

Sign up for ALL FOUR dates (see option below) and one is FREE! 

Class admission does not include play admission


Dates and Topics:

Thursday, June 27: Float or Sink – Buoyancy – Kids will predict whether fun objects will float or sink, then test their guesses in water. Then they’ll design and build their own boats from reused materials and test their creations to see how well they float!

Thursday, July 11: Toothpick Engineering – Structural Design – Kids will become junior engineers as they design and build structures using marshmallows and toothpicks. After constructing their towers, they’ll test their creations by placing them in front of a fan to see how well they withstand the wind!

Thursday, July 18: Balloon-Powered Cars – Motion and Friction – Kids will design and build their own balloon-powered cars using everyday materials. Once their vehicles are ready, it’s race time! They’ll launch their cars and watch them zoom across the floor, competing to see whose goes the farthest and fastest.

Thursday, July 25: Egg Drop Challenge – Gravity, Impact, Shock Absorption – Kids will design and build protective contraptions to keep an egg safe from a high fall. Using various materials, they’ll brainstorm and create their designs, then Matt will climb a ladder and drop their eggs down to see if they survive the impact!


Class purchases are not refundable, but can be transferred to another child.


Questions? Email info@playcafeyakima.com